Vennie’s Story

Vennie's situation:

  • 5 hip surgeries (complete degeneration of lunate of the acetabulum, i.e. no cartilage between femur and pelvic bone)
  • C4-C5 spinal fusion
  • 2 knee surgeries
  • All in 10 years before the age of 46

We met in 2015 and I began training him.

Within 2 years, this is what we accomplished, with that medical history:

  1. Full Twisting Back Flip
  2. High Bar Giant
  3. High Bar Dismount Full Twisting Back Flip
  4. 2+ Minute Handstand
  5. And 21 Muscle Ups (yes, 21, just like the age he feels now!)

This is the thing I always talk about...handstands, muscleups, and flips being easy and basic to human movement.

It requires 3 shifts:

  1. progressive mobility and strength development
  2. skills training with an individualized approach
  3. a system and structure for continued progress

Watch the video to hear Vennie talk about his experience.

The work is hard, but we see the tremendous results for performers, athletes, and personal trainers.

They're becoming stronger, understanding the anatomy and biomechanics more than ever, and inspiring others to positive action that changes lives for the better.

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