Master Bodyweight Strength & Skill

Master Bodyweight Strength & Skill



Chapter 1: 6 Strength Moves Chapter 2: Flares Chapter 3: Aerial Silks Chapter 4: Airflares Chapter 5: Tumbling & Parkour Chapter 6: Strength Moves Academy 

Chapter 1: The 6 Strength Moves 

Chapter 1: The 6 Strength Moves by Coach Lee






First, they build the BIG 3 of BODYWEIGHT STRENGTH:

The first part of the BIG 3 is the CORE, which is almost always neglected and weak.

It doesn't matter how great your 6 pack looks, if the Transverse Abdominis underneath is atrophied. An atrophied Transverse Abdominis will lead to major back pain. The Hip Flexors shorten in length, the distance between the ribcage and pelvis reduces, and pressure is placed on the lower vertebrae.

Symptoms of an atrophied Transverse Abdominis include the inability to hold an L, Stand, V Stand, or Front Lever.

This atrophy occurs by lack of COMPRESSION STRENGTH TRAINING. We achieve this compression strength through 2 very important Strength Moves.

We begin with progressions for the L Stand, and then move into the V Stand.

The Posterior Chain is included in the Core, and is also usually very weak, and includes the Glutes, Hamstrings, and muscles of the back all the way up to the Trapezius.

Most people think "back strength" is measured by a deadlift or a pullup.

The deadlift in bodyweight strength is the Stalder Press Handstand. But when's the last time you saw someone in the gym do one?

The truth is that anyone can do a deadlift, but the Stalder Press Handstand is the true test of strength.

And now, flip a pullup upside-down. Like the deadlifters, those who can do pullups won't necessarily be able to do a Handstand Pushup.

However, those who are able to do a Handstand Pushup are almost always able to do pullups, with ease.

So in training the third Strength Move, the Handstand Pushup, we build tremendous back strength through increasing the strength of the Posterior Chain through the "stabilization" of handstand training. The same muscles that are required for pulling strength are firing with extreme intensity for stabilizing the entire body in the inverted position. Whereas the posts or beams are stabilizing the body while hanging for a pullup, the core and back are stabalizing the entire body when inverted for pressing and handstands, something very few people can actually do.

The second part of the BIG 3 are the Hips and Hamstrings.

With a weak Transverse Abdominis, the Hip Flexors are already shot, and many doing sedentary jobs make the situation worse.

Even further, the Hamstrings are usually tight as guitar strings. This puts further pressure on the lower vertebrae.

We fix this by the mobility training of the L Stand, but more important, we rebuild the Hip Flexors and Hamstrings through developing the Stalder Press Handstand from a seated position.

The range of motion for this movement is very similar to the deadlift, but it is infinitely more valuable for lifelong health, mobility, and strength.

If you think you're strong, try a Stalder Press Handstand!!!

We also build the range of motion for this with the fourth Strength Move: the Leg Iron Cross.

And then we fix the ankles, knees, and hip mobility and function through a variety of leg strength progressions that go hand-in-hand with the Leg Iron Cross training.

The third part of the BIG 3 are the Shoulders.

And we build the Shoulders to function as a second set of hips.

A question I usually ask clients to help them get a better understanding of the value of the Shoulders is if they can walk in circles on their hands like they can their feet.

The Shoulders are amazing and wonderfully complex, capable of great function.

Yet, doctors and surgeons say all the time to take care of your not using them to their fullest extent.

And people are notorious for neglecting their Shoulders.

And that's when Shoulder injuries and tears occur.

Because of lack of flexibility, mobility, and strength.

Some teachers and coaches even say it's ALL ABOUT CORE STRENGTH, and that you DON'T NEED ANY MORE SHOULDER AND ARM STRENGTH.  

That is a lie.

We use two Strength Moves to build the Shoulders.

The fifth Strength Move and one to build the shoulders, and arms in general, is the Planche. Even if you don't achieve a full Planche, just doing the training for Planche will make you exponentially stronger.

In addition, the Planche is amazing for also helping to build the Posterior Chain, Glutes, and Core.

The sixth Strength Move, and probably one of the best ones you can start working on today is the Hollowback.

The Hollowback is like a Back Walkover, but suspended in midair, a bridge with your feet hovering above the ground.

If you think you have good Shoulder strength, try a Hollowback.

The 6 Strength Moves will redifine your idea of strength.

V Stand, Stalder Press, Handstand Pushup, Leg Iron Cross, Planche, and Hollowback

These will transform your training...and your life.

And they will allow you to move on to more advanced skills, such as 1 Arm Handstands, Flares, Rollups on the Aerial Silks, Airflares, and Tumbling!  

Coach Lee


Part 2: Flares Continue Reading...

Build an Iron Core and Resiliant Joints with the 6 Strength Moves! Part 2: Flares By Coach Lee





I’m in my 30s and have been recovering from surgery for a torn bicep for 6 months. During that time, I’ve learned a lot, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s become more and more apparent that training and coaching is part of who I'm supposed to be and what I’m supposed to share with others.  

It’s been exactly 7 months since the injury...

ONLY 6 months since the surgery...

and today is the day I did 10 Flares.

The type of ballistic force required from the arms was just too much to do any earlier. I’ve been patiently (well, sort of) waiting to do these again and I wanted to make sure I waited the appropriate time. You could probably see by a lot of my recent content, I’ve been eager to get back to them.

They really are one of the best bodyweight exercises--scratch that--Flares are THE BEST exercise PERIOD, when you stop to think about it.

And you BUILD FLARES with the 6 STRENGTH MOVES: Handstand, Press, Planche, V, Walkover, and Leg Iron Cross!

Flares are NO JOKE!  

Flares require every muscle in the body to be fully contracted and engaged. It requires extreme active flexibility, i.e. "mobility" in the shoulders, lower back, hips, and hamstrings.  

In my early 20s, I already had severe issues with my back. Like I was, you might be dealing with...

Bulging discs...

Nerve pain...

Arthritis creeping in...

Well, Flares not only look cool, but training to do them help cure all of those negative conditions!  

Think about the requirements...the MILESTONES you have to hit to even think about doing Flares:  

1. An IRON CORE that suspends the body in mid-air as it traverses a 360 degree orbit.  

2. Flexible, yet powerful, SHOULDERS OF STEEL.

3. A FLEXIBLE SPINE that can effortlessly carve a circle on the y-axis of rotation.  

4. BAMBOO-LIKE LEGS that allow full range of motion of the legs while pressing on 1 hand.  

5. PSOAS MAJOR and MINOR, RECTUS FEMORI, and GLUTES that can maintain a straddled pike while oscillating between MANNA, PLANCHE, and 1 ARM HANDSTANDS.  

These are all pieces of the puzzle we put together in Powermoves Academy.  

In terms of strength, Flares require more than even Airflares. Many, many people who can do Airflares cannot do Flares.

It's because they are missing pieces to the puzzle.

Or the pieces are damaged and need to be rebuilt.

Maybe your shoulders are too tight in extension (That's why people can't get muscle ups either!)

Maybe your core isn't strong enough through the Transverse Abdominus.

That's why you're suffering from back pain. The hip flexors pick up the slack, shortening the space between the rib cage and the pelvic bone, causing even more pressure on the spinal column.

Maybe the hips are too tight. That's another contributing factor to back pain. Just like tight hamstrings, the adductors and abductors need to be lengthened and loosened.


No amount of stretching, deadlifts, squats, or yoga is going to cure it--or make you more powerful!

It's because you aren't combining flexibility, ballistic motion, strength, speed, and power. It's one lift at a time, or one stretch at a time. That's it. No advanced complexity of movement patterns. No agility in expression of strength.  

In the final analysis, Flares are an excellent barometer of the condition of the body, in terms of flexibility, mobility, strength, and endurance.  

I was able to do all sorts of other training post-surgery, and in the early months, it was a lot of 1 arm stuff. But nothing came close to such a full body workout.  

I usually use Flares for HIIT cardio…doing maximum power sets with short rests in between. They’re awesome for developing sustained power too.  

It felt good to do them again, but my arm felt it too. I could tell I hadn’t used it to that degree in a while.

All the band work, weightlifting, and even calisthenics stuff I did can’t really prepare the joints for that ballistic type work.

It’s just a lot different--and so much more beneficial.

Even training the smaller pieces of the Flare is more valuable than any workout in the gym!

There's quite a bit more I did in preparation to be able to do Flares again, but by putting it all together, my recovery is going way faster than usual, and in a big part due to bodyweight training through Powermoves and Flares.

The Secret Weapon is training in the 6 STRENGTH MOVES. 

Coach Lee

Part 3: Aerial Silks Continue Reading...

Build an Iron Core and Resiliant Joints with the 6 STRENGTH MOVES! Part 3: Silks By Coach Lee



It's one thing to build a Press to Handstand, or a static Handstand.

It's another thing altogether to push your strength and skill to actual movement and next level ability.

A Rollup on the Silks into a Handstand in one such feat.

Like the Flares, Airflares, and Tumbling, the Aerial Silks require PROFICIENCY of Bodyweight Strength...

...and the ability to MOVE!

And that's what most of my clients really want.

They want the ability to move through ranges of motion that are not usually attained using current models of "fitness."

One of the guys on the gymnastics team I train called it "fictional fitness."

As much as people want to declare that they've solved the problem and created "functional fitness"... a lot of ways what they are calling "functional fitness" is really just fantasy.

I don't say this to be mean.

Because it's sad sometimes to see people 2, 3, even 10 years later still doing roughly the same things in the gym.

They lift roughly the same amount of weight. Maybe a couple more plates on the bar.

They run the same circles.

They do the same intro level classes.

And what makes it even more sad is that they would LOVE to do Handstands, Aerial Silks, and even Rollups to a Handstand in the Silks!

Imagine how cool it would to have the function to be able to do that...and more.

It all starts with a FOUNDATION of Handbalancing, and then moving forward as you MASTER Bodyweight Strength.

And you do it by training the 6 STRENGTH MOVES: Handstand, Press, Planche, V, Walkover, and Leg Iron Cross!

If you're not seeing true growth and progress, in distinct, measurable ways, with increasing SKILL and ABILITY, something isn't right.

But when you apply the 6 Strength Moves and the 4 Laws of Movement, then you'll see your training soar to new heights!

Coach Lee

Part 4: Airlares Continue Reading...

Build an Iron Core and Resiliant Joints with the 6 STRENGTH MOVES! Part 4: Airflares By Coach Lee

Back pain? Shoulder pain? Airflares are an excellent exercise for the entire body, and training for them will help you build powerful shoulders, a flexible back, and mobile hips and legs free of pain.  

But do you find yourself fearful of making the leap? Maybe falling? Hitting your foot on the ground?


It's actually diagnostic of a variety of major issues: 


Learning Airflares EVEN requires a MINDSET SHIFT regarding physiology and biomechanics...

..and a Mindset Shift about what fitness and training is at its core.

So, what's this Mindset Shift?  

A recognition of individualization and differentiation.

The same principles of differentiation for education, nutrition, and physical development for each individual apply to developing the strength, flexibility, and coordinating to do this advanced gymanstics.

But even more importantly, part of the Mindset Shift is also that the Airflare in-and-of-itself is just the BYPRODUCT of a strong, flexible, coordinated body!

Far too often, people with little understanding of biomechanics physiology, and differentiation attempt to teach things that require those very principles: Mindset Shifts and biomechanical differentiation and individualization.

Because this is a complicated movement with rotation happening on multiple planes...  

And because both the hip and shoulder joints are even more complicated...  

The differentiation you see in different body types doing this skill is not only evident, but necessary.  

Slightly different techniques are required for the following body proportions:  

1. Low leg to body ratio 2. Medium leg to body ratio 3. High leg to body ratio  

Arm length ratios to consider are:  

4. Low arm to leg ratio 5. Medium arm to leg ratio 6. High arm to leg ratio  

Then there are the mobility factors. Technique and shoulder angle will need to change depending upon these crucial variables:  

A. Shoulder and pectoralis range of motion in abduction/flexion B. Hip range of motion in abduction/flexion  

All 6 ratios, shoulder mobility, and hip mobility will play a factor in what strength, mobility, and technique needs to be developed.

Likewise, all of those factors play a huge role in when and how you will make the catch.  

A couple symptoms of misdiagnosis include:  

  • Falling on your hip  
  • Slamming your foot into the ground  
  • Landing on your elbow  
  • Twisting your wrist  
  • Smashing your shoulder  

There are much better ways to learn the Airflare...

And the benefits of learning the Airflare for the body are astounding!

In terms of differentation and invidualization, you need to develop a systematic plan for training the exercises that are going to resculpt the parts of your body that need serious work.

And, you need to determine what type of technique is most appropriate for your unique physiology as well.  

You can't just listen to the *experts* because most of the time, the experts have learned it one way...according to their own body.  

You can't learn by following this famous guy or that famous guy, because their talents might be in kinesthetic awareness rather than the diagnostic and prescriptive analytics of highly trained coaches.  

Airflares are an awesome, total-body workout. And they can rejuvenate your body, your shoulders, your back, and your hips.

They can help you DEVELOP POWERFUL SHOULDER STRENGTH...if you do it the right way.  

They can help you GET RID OF BACK PAIN and build awesome back mobility...if you do it the right way.  

They can help you BUILD AN IRON CORE that protects your spine...if you do it the right way.  

And they can help you DEVELOP FANTASTIC FLEXIBILITY for lifelong health and wellness...if you do it the right way.

The best way in over 20 years of training and coaching others that I've personally experienced and seen in countless others is the 6 STRENGTH MOVES.

Here's the bottom-line: if you're having trouble learning a skill, stop trashing your body and find the best coach you can and invest whatever it takes to learn it the right way...for YOU. Transformation like this isn't cheap, but neither is your body. It's priceless. Treat it as such and start your transformation today.  

Coach Lee

Part 5: Tumbling & Parkour Continue Reading...

Build an Iron Core and Resiliant Joints with the 6 Strength Moves! Part 5: Tumbling & Parkour By Coach Lee

If you've ever wanted to get really good at Parkour or Tumbling, you NEED a FOUNDATION.

Often times, people come to me wanting to learn how to tumble and flip, BUT...

Their backs don't bend!

Their hamstrings are tight as guitar strings!

And their ankles have no mobility!

Think about it this way...

A rusty old Civic wants to race against an Audi!

Now, imagine you completely you tear it down to the frame.

You clean all the rust off.

You put a brand new crate engine in.

You put a supercharger on it.

You switch over to some low profile racing wheels and tires.

Ok, now you're getting somewhere!

If the car analogy doesn't work for you...

...then imagine the same process of building a top-tier mountain bike, the energy efficient home of your dreams, or a pair of running shoes that never wear out!

Here's the point:

You must BUILD a FOUNDATION of Bodyweight Strength that SUPPORTS the skills and physical MOVEMENT that you desire.

If your dream has been Back Handsprings...

If your dream has been a standing Back Flip...

If your dream has been to fly Sky High...

Then you need the Foundation of 6 STRENGTH MOVES to prepare your joints, back, core, hips, and legs for that awesome skill that you'd love to do!

Coach Lee

About Strength Moves Academy

What is it?

Strength Moves Academy is a world-class 12-Week Online Course & Group Coaching Program designed to lead you through the 6 Strength Moves and then onto more elite strength and skill.

You will build elite level strength, both mentally and physically.

That strength is measured by the 6 Essential Strength Moves and the Flare to Handstand.

I start with building you a rock solid core.

You will develop elite level strength for each and every muscle group and handbalancing position.

We will reconstruct each and every joint (and drop 20 pounds or more!): 

No more back pain.

No more hip and knee pain.

No more shoulder pain.

You get all of this support as well, including...

Daily laser-sharp focused training.

30-60 minute training plans for 5 days a week of practice.

Nutritional guidance.

Mindset training.

Accountabilty unlike any other.

Weekly LIVE Q&A to overcome every obstacle

Who's it for?

It's for FEMALES and MALES in their 30s and 40s with a deep, soul-level committment to transforming and building powerful physiques.

When does it start?

Today. It's a training course designed to jump in immediately.

How do I get started?

Schedule your Mastery Session so that we can review your goals, help you get clarity on your training, and determine whether you're a good fit to join our community.


Talk soon!

Lee :-)